Youth Achievement - Stevie Nande

Northern Youth Abroad 2010 Alumni Award Winner

Stevie Nande

“Stevie completed the Northern Youth Abroad (NYA) Canadian Program in 2008 and spent six weeks working and volunteering in Port Elgin, Ontario. In 2009, he returned to participate in the International Program and spent six weeks doing volunteer development in Ramotswa, Botswana. In June 2010 Stevie traveled to Ottawa to accept his award and spent the week at Northern Youth Abroad’s annual orientation camp. Here he helped give back to other Northern Youth by assisting to prepare new participants for their journeys to Southern Canada and abroad.

Since completing the NYA program, Stevie has been attending En’owkin College in Penticton, BC where is studying the arts. An accomplished artist, he is especially interested in film and has made several short films, often including other youth from Fort Liard. Nominated by Ken Nowoselski, an educator in Fort Liard, Stevie is the first in his family to attend college. The community has been very supportive and is especially proud of Stevie. Said Ken, “Stevie is a role model for the youth in Fort Liard. He is exploring his options while living a healthy lifestyle. We need more people like Stevie to lead the way for others. He stands out as a big success.”

Since receiving the award in July Stevie went on to complete a 6 month program with Canada World Youth with placements in BC and South Africa. He is now back in Liard and plans to work before starting college again in September.



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